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Are You Fed Up With Unsuccessful And Expensive Acne Treatment?

  Have you tried ways and means to clean your face
only to find that nothing works?

Have you spend a fortune on Acne Treatments and find that very soon the acne returns?

Get Your Acne Treatment Now!
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Having acne or oily skin can be a very frustrating experience for anyone. It would seem like no matter how many times you clean and wash your face in the day, your skin tends to get oily again in a matter of minutes. For some, it is the frustration of having breakout of pimples or acne that can never seem to get better. Some people have tried all kinds of remedy but to no avail. The question that one must ask is this – what actually causes oily skin?
In normal circumstances, our skin releases oil or sebum as a natural layer of protection against dirt. However, due to a few factors like diet, nutrition, hygiene and environment, our skin tends to behave abnormally due to the low levels of linoleic acid. According to Professor Leslie Baumann, Professor of Dermatology at University of Florida [Cosmetic Dermatology : Principles & Practice. p. 55-56. New York : McGraw-Hill, 2002), Linoleic acid is an essential acid the skin must have that helps control the level of oils or sebum in the skin. Lack of linoleic acid causes oily skin, blocked pores and acne breakouts. So it makes perfect sense to increase the linoleic acid levels in the skin to help normalise oily skin, clear pimples and effectively stop acne breakouts. Do you know that the skin cannot produce linoleic acid and that this essential acid or skin nutrient can only be derived from food or from skincare enriched with this skin food ?
Sebum (Skin oil) & Sebaceous glands
Sebum is produced by the sebaceous glands
It helps keep skin moist & supple
Too little sebum in older people makes skin dry
Too much sebum in younger people causes acne outbreaks

I am ready for the Acne Treament that really works now!

The real problem occurs when we use commercial acne treatment products that contain harsh chemicals to clean our faces. The skin gets inflamed by these chemicals and becomes very sensitive, disrupting the linoleic acid levels which may cause an even further outbreak of acne or pimples. In the eventuality the acne or pimple clears, the skin may have developed scars or unsightly marks that may be permanent.

The best remedy is to go with natural ingredients that will be gentle on our skin and yet effective in clearing acne, pimples and oily skin.

Garden of Eden understands the problems people face with oily, acne & sensitive skin and has specially developed the breakthrough all natural Rosa T range of products.
Before Acne Treatment After Acne Treatment
Before After 2 weeks
You can see for yourself the remarkable result that is achievable with Rosa T, from Garden of Eden. In a matter of 2-3 weeks, the acne on the skin clears and in place is fresh, health, vibrant skin! If you are interested to solve your acne and oily skin problem, we have the solution.
Our promise is to bring you products using natural plant extracts well known to work gently and effectively on your skin.
I am ready to stop acne & oily skin now!
The Rosa T range of products are formulated to work on a wide range of skin types. The Rosa T package is carefully and specially designed for maximum effectiveness.
Rosa T Acne Serum

Rosa T Acne Serum
With Pure Tea Tree Oil
Fights Oily Skin, Acne & Acne Scars

(15ml / 0.50 fl.oz)

Important Note: As of 19th June 08 we have discontinued the 10ml / 0.33 fl.oz packing.
The revised priced shown below is due to this.

Rosa T Acne Gel

Rosa T Acne Gel
With Pure Tea Tree Oil
Rosa T Acne Gel is gentle, yet effective and is specially formulated for daily acne care.  Enriched with pure Tea Tree Oil, a natural anti-bacterial and antiseptic oil that helps clear blackheads, whiteheads and acne blemishes.

(7gm / 0.23 oz)

Rosa T Mild Gel Cleanser

Rosa T Mild Gel Cleanser
with Witch Hazel
Rosa T Mild Cleanser thoroughly cleans pores and removes traces of dirt, residue and oil, which can lead to acne break-outs. Mild cleansing agents and Witch Hazel are used to formulate a completely oil-free but non-drying preparation. Helps keep skin fresh and clear.

(100ml / 3.33 fl.oz)

Rosa T Acne Serum is an elixir made of 100% pure and natural plant extracts and essential skin nutrients specially formulated for the daily care of oily, pimply and acne-prone skin. What is more remarkable is it contains the unique ingredient, linoleic acid, known to help reduce sebum and skin oiliness - the root cause of pimples and acne breakouts. Enriched with Tea Tree Oil, a natural anti-bacterial oil to help clear pimples & acne breakouts and Natural Vitamin E to minimize acne scarring. These natural ingredients work together to effectively reduce skin oiliness, and inflammation, clears acne and minimize scarring all in one step. Thanks to its natural affinity to skin, Rosa T penetrates quickly into the skin with a non-greasy after feel.

Clears Oily skin, Acne and Acne Scars in one step with Rosa T range!

Clearer skin begins with using Rosa T skincare range:-


Wash your face twice a day with Rosa T Mild Cleanser.

Apply Rosa T Acne Gel onto acne/pimples during the day.

Use Rosa T Acne Serum at night for best result.

I am ready for clearer skin of acne & pimples!

See What People Are Saying About Rosa-T


Your wonderful product is absolutely worthy

Dear Garden of Eden,

Two months ago I was living in Singapore and found my skin constantly breaking out with acne due to the high humidity and warm temperatures. I am a model and I need to have clear skin all the time. I tried a few commercial products to no avail until I started using your Rosa T oil and found it to be a miracle! It has cleared up and made my skin so beautiful and I am so happy with it. I have even recommended my friends to use it. I don't think I will ever find a product as good as this.

Thanks so much,

Vanessa Horn, Singapore


Great product…I’m completely happy with the result!


I recently visited Malaysia which is such a beautiful country. I’ve been having oily skin ever since I was a teenager and no matter what I did to my face, noting seemed to help at all. Imagine my surprise when I chanced upon Rosa T and gave it a go. I could see immediate improvements within days of usage. Never have I been so satisfied or amazed by any beauty products before! Before I left for England, I purchased as much as my luggage could carry. Now I am faced with a dilemma as I cannot find Rosa T anywhere in England and I am worried about what to do once my supplies run out. I want to enquire if Garden of Eden has any agents in England or is it possible for me to order online for Rosa T to be shipped over?

Thank you

Rachael, England


Marvellous Rosa T

Dear Garden of Eden,

I have had sensitive skin since I was a young girl and ever since I started working, it has gotten worse. My job requires me to do a lot travelling and keep long hours. As such, my sensitive skin developed acne over time and with my busy schedule, I haven’t had time to fully attend to it. I consulted many beauty therapists over the years with varying results. Some treatments even made my skin reddish and itchy due to their chemical contents! A friend recommended Rosa T to me a few months back and I was really sceptical initially as I thought it was “just another beauty product”. Well, I have never been so happy to be proven wrong in this case. After the first few times using Rosa T, I began to notice a marked difference on my skin. It wasn’t as oily nor reddish as before and it gradually cleared off my acne until it’s hardly noticeable today. Best of all, due to the all natural ingredients, my skin is now healthy and gives off a natural glow, something which eluded me for many years. Today, I am a very loyal and dedicated user of Rosa T and gladly recommend this product to all my friends. Thank you Garden of Eden for the marvellous Rosa T!


Nicole, Sydney, Australia


The results have been amazing!!

Hi there,

I used to spend a small fortune and time each month on different skin products and treatments but my skin still continued to break out with pimples. I almost accepted that this would be my monthly ritual until I started using Rosa T. The results have been amazing so far. My skin is no longer oily and my pimple outbreak has been contained. I cannot believe how much money I have saved on beauty treatments on my face since I found Rosa T. Even my husband is impressed with the results and most importantly, he gets to spend more time with me now that I no longer need to spend hours at the beauty salon!

Thanks a million.

Mdm Wong, Hong Kong


Absolutely the best!


I have to tell the world that Rosa T’s range of products is absolutely the best I have ever used. It has taken me 8 years to find the perfect solution for my oily skin and I am ecstatic that my search is finally over! I love how my face looks now and it has increased my confidence tremendously.

Thank you Garden of Eden!!

Patricia, Penang, Malaysia


I am now more beautiful!

Hi there,

I am a mother of two very energetic boys and my skin problems started after my second pregnancy. I had a bad case of acne which didn’t clear up even after I gave birth. I tried so many products in the market but nothing would work at all. I remember I was close to desperation when I started using Rosa T’s range of products a few months ago. My acne got better and finally cleared up. Even my children now say that I am now more beautiful! Thanks so much to Garden of Eden for such a great product. Now when I travel I make sure that I have Rosa T close with me.

Tina, LA, USA


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We are so confident that you will find a marked improvement on your skin with Rosa T range of products that we are offering a 30 day money back guarantee! 100% refund. No questions asked. Why? Because we know for a fact that Rosa T works. And it works really well.

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain! Order today!!


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Rosa T Set
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